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Derry Creatives Collective is the foundational company that supports the #DERRYcreatives community. It's here to facilitate the online community and to bring that community together in the real world, in order to connect, create and collaborate.

We also support, in small ways, the ventures that members of the #DERRYcreatives launch. If you are at that point in your journey let us know and let's make it happen together - we are always interested in new ideas with the potential to be independent ventures.

There is a regular calendar of activities that Derry Creatives Collective promotes. Join the community on Facebook, connect with our media partner, Derry Live List or bookmark our home page. We have a new social club in development so if you want to express an interest in becoming a member register at #DERRYcreatives

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#DERRYcreatives is an open-source, collaborative group of people active in the creative fields based or connected to Derry, the place or the idea. We work together for the common good, launch new ventures and help put Derry - the creative city - on the map.

We provide a platform for you to network, exchange, collaborate, discuss, develop ideas, get support and learn from your peers. Join us and get involved

Connect with our media partner, Derry Live List for free promotion. Derry Live List provide local interviews, entertainment previews and if you have an event coming up, submit the details here: http://bit.ly/derryevents or email info@derrylivelist.com

Connect with our tech partner, Infinite Loop for a cheap one page website


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Ventures are new creative enterprises that you create yourself. They can start as initiatives under the umbrella of Derry Creatives Collective if that is helpful but they remain independent and led by you. Board members and the network within the #DERRYcreatives community are willing to give you time where they can. Sometimes we help you access other supports and connections and other times we support your promotion. We are incredibly proud to have supported the beginnings of these exciting and independent ventures.

Music Capital

Music Capital is an emerging centre to help musicians create, make and perform music


Amazon Alexa

Our alexa bot for Tourism Northern Ireland


Collaboration for change

Here to enable the people who are actively involved in making positive change


Buy, Sell, Swap, Music, Art, Tech Market

One of the ways we sustain this support is by developing our own ventures and services. You can get involved in those too


Get on the Map

#DERRYcreatives Map

#DERRYcreatives are creating a map of all the active creative practitioners, organisations, spaces, businesses and events in Derry, Strabane, Donegal and North West of Ireland area. Get involved to help them put you and Derry on the map and make it easier for others to find the creative things they are looking for. The map is open to all creatives in the area - simply follow the links relevant to you below, enter your details and you will appear on the #DERRYcreatives Map.

Spread the word

If you are active in more than one specialism you can fill out separate forms and appear against more than one so that anyone searching for what you do via the map will see you. If you need to update your details at any point contact Kevin on address below for the simple 'how to' Its very much an open source and developing project so help spread the word, make suggestions, be a critical friend or suggest any improvements - just get in touch derrycreatives@gmail.com

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Creative Practitioners - You are an individual artist or creative practitioner
Creative Businesses - You are a creative businesses of more than 1 (for sole traders see Creative Practitioner)
Creative Organisations - You are a non venue based creative group, organisation or network usually working in the not for profit sector
Creative Spaces - For venues or public spaces (pop up or permanent)
Creative Events - For events and festivals that usually happen annually

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